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Artist Statement

The work in my series Archetypes engages in an investigation of personal relationships and introspections using furniture objects as suggestive representations of human archetypes. By allowing furniture to stand in for the human form, I create open-ended character studies that represent non-specific, yet deeply personal inquiries into singular and interpersonal interactions.

Acknowledging that iconic furniture forms are imbued with links to the human form as well as references to cultural preferences and expectations, I have created studies of various human relationships, both to others and to the self, that suggest characters without the literal representation of the human body.

Each piece in the series is a physical embodiment of a relationship, whether internal or external that I have experienced personally, however, while I have suffused my works with personal significance I have presented them as archetypes – for example of the nuclear family, of lovers, or of the overly ambitious – in hopes that they speak to similar experiences in each individual viewer. Similarly, I manipulate the echoing of the human body in furniture – the legs and back of a chair, for example – to encourage the viewer to understand these forms in terms of human characters, and perhaps to recognize in them parts of themselves.

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